Cherry Blossoms (2)
Cherry Blossoms in Full-Bloom

April 9

It has become warmer day by day since cherry blossoms came out. And they became in full bloom on April 8.
It was so warm and fine day. I'd like to share with you the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms in my town.

cherry blossomscherry blossoms

We have many popular places to see the cherry blossoms in Yokohama but I'd like to show you the cherry blossoms that blooms along the bay. This is the peculiar scenery in this area.

cherry blossomscherry blossoms

My town was painted in ukiyoe and was famous with its beautiful scenery. Though it was quite changed now, people loved this town as a resort town.
This is a street for cars from Yokohama to Yokosuka. The traffic is always so busy. But when cherry blossoms bloom, they make me imagine how it was nice scenery those days.

cherry blossomscherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms is easy to be blown by breeze and quickly fade. They show their delicate beauty in a short term and soon they will fall. After they are gone, summer will be coming soon.

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