Charcoal making
Our town Kanazawa-ku (kanazawa ward) has been modernized for these several decades. The mountains were changed into housing and a new superhighway named Yoko-Yoko Road was built. It runs from Tokyo to Yokosuka. My town has quite changed. But, sometimes you'll see the nostalgic scenery. It is charcoal making.

Charcoal makingIn Japan houses were made of wood until several decades ago. Japanese used to use charcoal for warming and for cooking in daily lives. Those days the trees in the mountains were cut to build houses and to make charcoal. And new trees were planted. Now most of the houses are made of chemical materials and we use electricity and gas in stead of charcoal. This means the trees in the mountains are not cut. You might think it's good for nature. But, some trees became too old, some are ruined and many trees are left being damaged by wind and snow.
There is a forest preservation activity group named "Kanazawa Moridakusan no kai". This group is working to preserve the forest in our town. I'm a member of this association. Let me show you the scenery of our charcoal making.

This is our kiln to make charcoal. We made this kiln by two dram cans. As one of the recycling of the damaged trees that we cut we make charcoal.

Charcoal making Charcoal making

We tried to make charcoal by pine cones and flowers. We made it successfully.
They look beautiful, don't they?

Charcoal makingCharcoal making

Charcoal making When we get vines, we can make basket.
We live and work in the modernized city. It is the life unrelated to the nature. It is so interesting time to be in the forest.

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