Early spring
Kanazawa Ward has being developed under the city planning for these some decades. National Route 16 and a prefectural road run in this town and a new high-way which is called "Yokohama-Yokosuka driving road" was made.

~ But, if you go up to mountain side, you'll get to the quiet place where you feel warm sunshine. I feel happy living in this town.
The plum flowers are in full bloom. The scent of plum blossoms is in wafting through the air.
This tree is in our small farm and we can get many plums after the flowers.

Most of the wild camellia have finished their blooming but some camellia flowers were still blooming in the shade. Camellia is the typical flower to be decorated in a tea ceremony room in winter.

On a branch of the camellia tree I found an interesting thing. This is an egg of praying mantis.
The leaves of the tree must have protected it from the cold wind.
It will hatch when it gets warmer. In summer the mantis will grow but the camellia flower will fade in warmer season.

Daphne has started blooming. It smells so sweet. I hear that they deodorized the house by daphne flower in old days in Japan.

The wind is cool but the sunshine looks warm. On the ground, some of the spring wild flowers were nearly blooming.
Some new lives of insects must have been born under the ground.

spring fieldspring field

(2000 March 4)

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