The Millennium day in Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama

The most traditional and general custom for Japanese people on New year's Eve is to go to a shrine or a temple to pray for the happiness and good fortune for the new year.
I'll report the shrine and temples in my town.

Jougyou-Ji (Jougyou Temple)


Temples start ringing the bell at midnight. Basically the bells are rung by the priest 108 times. In the Buddhism it is thought that mankind have 108 kinds of sins and worries in their mind. Joya-no-kane is beaten to drive them away.
But many temples permit the visitors to ring the bell on the special day.
The visitors were making a long row to ring it.

Seto Jinja (Seto Shrine)

A very big Japanese drum is beaten at midnight by this shrine. It tells the New Year has come.
Shoumyou-Ji (Joumyou Temple)

This is the most famous temple in Kanazawa Ward.
On the front street, mikoshi (portable shrine) was being carried.
The cable TV station came to report the New Year's Eve scenery. It was so crowded.

The red bridge on the center in the precincts is the road straight to the main building.

This is the scenery of the bridge that is lit up with beautiful illumination. This is on the pond in the precincts of this temple.
This is the popular location to take pictures.
Many people take the photo and I've seen many times. But it was the most impressive to see the scenery at midnight just after the New Millennium came.

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