My town.
Wild flowers in early summer.

Lovely flowers started blooming.
Sometimes, I pass them quickly paying no attention to them at all. And, in some occasion, I stop my steps to see their beautiful colors.
Even though my days are busy, I wish to have my eyes open to the beauty of the nature.

Purple clover (Trifolium pratense)

Clover reminds me of my childhood.
I used to be in a field to find four leaved clover, after I heard that four leaved clover would bring us good luck.
Those days I saw white clovers but recently I see only purple (or red) clovers around here.

Veronica persica Poir. (Persian Speedwell)

The color of this flower is beautiful and it's very rare color among all the flowers.
This plant is so small. It grows only around 10 cm and the flowers are smaller than 1 cm wide.
Even though they are small, they fascinate our eyes among many other plants.

Erigeron philadelphicus (Aster family)

The buds are lovely pink and downward.
They gradually rise up and become white flower that has many slender petals.
I hear that they were imported flowers in Meiji era ( late 19 century). They fit to Japan's climate and became wild.
They have increased rapidly and they are picked as weeds.
Once they were imported cut flowers, and now they are weeds.
I think it is pity and ironical destiny of them.

Wrote on May 20 2003.

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