Cherry blossoms 2003.

Cherry blossoms became in full-bloom in early April as usual. The temperature became a little cool since they had come out and their best time was long.
But I was too busy to go out for cherry blossoms viewing. One day, when I had a little time, I went out and walked around my home expecting the remaining of the blossoms.

This is a weeping cherry tree that is in front of the Seto Shrine.
This is the historical shrine in our town.

  I hear that there are many different kinds of cherry trees. This is one of the most colorful and long-life species.
This is on the corner of the sidewalk where many pedestrians walk, and it is along the street where traffic is always heavy.

There are some cherry trees also on the promenade along Hirakata bay.
The cherry blossoms that have the scenery of fishing boats and Mt.Nojima as the background are also nice.

Muronoki park is not a large park but it has many cherry trees. It is usually quiet but when the cherry blossoms are blooming, it is crowded by the people who enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Fallen petals looked like the pink carpet and dandelions had come out among them.

On the day when cherry blossoms became full bloom, one of my relatives passed away. She was my aunt. I was so sad and I thought I wouldn't write cherry blossoms page of this year.
When I saw beautiful view, I started making this page as my memory of her.
Beautiful scenery comforted me.

wrote on April 18 2003.

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