The Rose Garden In Yokohama

One of the most popular place for the view of Port Yokohama is the garden up on the hill called the Bluff.

This garden is close to the graveyard for the people who came from foreign countries and ended their lives in Japan.
On the right of the entrance of the garden, there is a British-style house that has the hall for meeting and concert.

In its flower garden, various kinds of roses are in full bloom from April to May.


There are many kinds of roses such as climbing roses , roses of differnt colors and different size. The rose on the right is named fascination and the left Angel Face.

When you walk through the rose arch,
there is a tea room that is one of my favorite places in this area.

This rose was on the left under the trellis of roses. This looked snow-white in the shadow under the leaves of the rose arch and named first snow.

I was also attracted by this rose for it's bright scarlet color.
Though my camera couldn't catch its color correctly as it was.

I really love this area.
The breeze from the Port Yokohama brings sea smell,
I can see the spectacle around the port
and fine houses along the street.

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