Flower Garden 1999 spring

azalea Cherry blossoms have gone and it's getting warmer day by day. I went around Yokosuka City and Hayama City with my husband and his friend to watch flowers on April 27th.

At Hayama azalea garden a half of the azaleas had already faded.
Here's my another page of azalea garden.
In this area, there are many azalea trees along the road and we can enjoy the beautiful flower scenery.

Next we went to wisteria garden at Ikegami in Yokosuka.
This garden is named "Wisteria Garden", but it's always full of seasonal flowers.
First I walked along the rhododendron path. It was a fantastic scenery. They were in full bloom with delicate gradation colors.

wisteria While I was walking being charmed with rhododendrons, I felt some fragrance. It was from wisteria. I was close to wisteria path. They were just before the best season.
I uploaded wisteria in full bloom last year.
Please see from HERE.

The slope around the path was full of tulips and I saw Japanese yellow rose here and there. This flower is called "Yamabuki" in Japanese. It means bright yellow and golden color.

yellow rosetulips

It was early in the afternoon and the weather was so fine. The sky was so clear and the breeze was so comfortable that we decided to go to the seaside. We drove to Kan-non-zaki sea coast.
When I arrived there I took off the shoes, enjoyed the walking along the beach, looking at ships in the offshore. I really enjoyed a nice spring day.
sea coastflower

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