Japanese Iris Garden in Yokosuka City

This flower garden is in Yokosuka City, next to my town. I have already reported rhododendrons and wisterias in this garden. As the name tells, the most popular flower in this garden is the Japanese iris. I went there in June. It was fine day.

irises This garden is located on the slight slope of the mountain. The inside of the garden is divided to the lot that are planted with different kinds of flowers. You can see seasonal flowers in each season. The field of the Japanese iris is the largest and is planted with 1.4 million irises.


When the first flowers faded, they pick them for the next flowers to grow better. The persons who work to treat the flowers are dressed in Japanese traditional costume. They are the sedgy hat, red hand wrappings, splashed-pattern cotton kimono. The view is fantastic. When they are working among the flowers, they look like another beautiful flowers.

It is said that there are four hundred kinds of Japanese irises in this garden. The followings are some of the photos I took. Please take a look.

irises irises

irises irises

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