Flowers I enjoyed through the summer '98

This year, 1998, we had less typhoon than usual but they brought heavy rain and strong wind to some areas in Japan. In Yokohama, we also had some rainy and windy days. My flowers that I enjoyed through the summer were damaged deadly. attacked dirrectly I love flowers and I'm enjoying planting flowers in containers. They are not precious, valuable ones but very common and popular flowers in Japan today.
Four seasons in Yokohama have so different climate that we can enjoy various flowers in each season.

I'll show you the flowers that I planted in spring and enjoyed through this summer.
Take a look. They are so lovely.

Please click each flower to see larger picture and information.

The language of flowers that I added are I translated into English what I know in Japanese.

Autumn flowers '98 (2) Autumn flowers '98 (1) Summer flowers

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