Reproducing rose, Cuttage of rose

My sister sent me a potted rose on my birthday 2002.
It grew up fast and a lot of flowers kept blooming from the spring to autumn every year.
But the leaves of its feet decreased recently, and the flower of autumn did not bloom so much.
I understand that I have to replant. But I didn't do that for these three year, because its too heavy to pull out from the pot and thorn is painful.
I planted a cutting by way of experiment ahead of the rainy season.
The first flower bloomed on the short branch of ten CM.

I might be able to enjoy compact potted rose in this way.

The cat in the left photo is my cat Chris.
As soon as I opened the wrapping, she came and sit down in the packaging medium.
She died but I'm still missing her.

Wrote on October 2 2009.