Black lily.
Fritillaria camtschatcensis, ( Kamchatka lily )

I hear that this flower basically grows
in Northern area or in high mountains.
I worried whether it grows in my town,
but it grew well and bloomed successfully.

I found there were three types of bulbs. Some of them had three flowers, some had two. and some had only one. Most of the bulbs that I planted had three flowers and they were male flowers, which had no pistils.
People call the color of this flower "dark purple", but their color is more beautiful than expected. The inner of petals looks rather red when it is penetrated with the bright sun shine. I was attracted with its mysterious beautiful color.
It is perennial plant, but I wonder if it would grow in Yokohama until next year. It might be difficult.

Language of the flower    Secret love

Wrote on May 25 2005