Duranta in each season

This flower is named under an opera company called "TAKARAZUKA".
It is played only by women. The stage is so charming and popular for young girls. The home stage is in the western area and my mother grew up in a town close to its opera house. She used to say that in her girlhood days she loved the opera and.
I went to see them when they played in Tokyo.
Their formal wear is violet and green. This flower reminds me of them.

from spring to summer
It is evergreen tree. When spring came, the branches grew long and started blooming in May.
They bloomed all through the summer.

In autumn
In cool days in autumn, it has the most flowers. The branches swing in the autumn wind. It looks so graceful.

In winter
It has small seeds. I took this photo last winter.

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September 20 2000