Cat's Room [Chris and I (17)]


Chris ended her life
quietly at 2:18 AM
on December 13
(Japan time.)

The last day of her life.

On December 12, Chris became weaker than the previous day. But still she went to her bathroom by herself and went to eat and drink sometimes.
When I was aware of that she was looking for some place to hide herself, I understood her last moment was coming soon.
She became weaker, and I wrapped her in a towel and kept holding her on my knees. She couldn't answer to my calling her name. I laid her in a basket.
Every time I called her name or I stroked her back, she bended her head gradualy closer to her chest not to show her face to me. It looked unnatural figure.
In midnight her breath became rough. After she breathed deeply, she changed her unnatural figure into her usual sleeping figure. It was her last action.
Then I saw her cute face just like she was sleeping.
She didn't show me any pain, did her best until she lost her life and passed away quietly. I was impressed with her beautiful last moment.

( wrote on December 22 2002)

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