Cat's Room [Chris and I (16)]


Struggling against her illness.

On the end of July, Chris's steps were unsteady. This is the photo that I took when she came back home to stay one night. She had a bandage to cover the needle of drip infusion.

Thanks to the treatment by the veterinary, she has been recovering day by day. Recently her appetite has increased. When she ate all the food I gave her, she calls me in a loud voice to tell her bowl is empty.

Now she eats hepatic food that the vet recommended.
This is dry food which is small and round. When Chris eats them, they easily drop out from the mouth. Then she uses hand (forefoot) to hold them.
How smart she is!

She looks healthy but her physical strength is not enough. She is always lying on the floor.
When she found I was going to take her photo, she sits up, gazes the camera and poses for the picture.
She is a grace lady even when she is struggling against her illness!

( Oct. 19 2002 )

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