Cat's Room [Chris and I (15)]


Chris on my knees.
Chris is sixteen and a half years old. It means that she is older than eighty years old in case of humankind.
The health check in last year showed she was so healthy and had no problem. But since July, she is not well.
One day when I came back home, I was surprised to find she almost couldn't walk. It was too sudden change. What happened only in two hours?
It seemed that there had been a blackout while I was out. When I came back home, the air conditioning was not working. It was so hot in the house.
I understand that her body weakened with her age. The veterinary told me that the high temperature might have caused her sudden turning to the worse.

My family recognize that she is not young but she is still so cute. Her expression and behavior are the same as she used to be when she was a baby.
She loves my hug like the following photo. It looks as if she were a baby of humankind, doesn't it?

The bright and large eyes. Soft fur.
She doesn't have the enough energy to lick to clean her fur recently.
Her feet also weakened. But she walks to eat and to use toilet.
Chris, you don't have to do anything hard. I just want you live with us as long as possible.

( wrote on August 12 2002)