Cat's Room [Chris and I (12)]


Chris is sensitive to the cold.

In this photo, Chris looks like so comfortable in the autumn wind, doesn't she? But she is so sensitive to the cold, the same as the other cats.

This summer was so hot that I set the air condithoner for lower temperature than usual. And in autumn it suddenly became so cool.

These changeable temperature seemed to be too cool for Chris. She loved sitting on the bay window that gets a lot of sunshine.

At last she found her favorite place. She is slipping into the clothes in this photo.

After I took out the clothes from the drier, they are so warm and soft. She noticed it and soon became to like them.

The first time when I saw she was pushing the clothes with her nose, I thought she was planning to help me holding them. It wasn't that. She wanted to be wrapped in the warm clothes.

Do you see her tale? This place might be so comfortable for her that she sometimes fell asleep there.

(Nov. 24 2001)