Cat's Room [Chris and I (11)]

ChrisLate at night.

One day in the midnight, suddenly the piano sounded!
I was frightened at the big sound.
I found that Chris was walking on the key of the piano.

NXI've written in the page that
Chris was so interested in the piano.
But she hasn't paid attention to it recently. I wonder what made her suddenly do this.

The next day I told her not to play the piano in such late at night. It looked that she was listening to me, behaving like a baby on my knee. I don't know if she understood my caution.
It was my fault that I had forgotten to shut the cover of it.

She might not have given up playing it. She stepped on the piano and looked down the cover, but it was too heavy for her to open by herself.
After a while, she gave up and went to sleep.

Chris, I hope there is some musical instrument for cats who love music.