Cat's Room [Chris and I (10)]
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Chris is so careful about her appearance.

I'm sorry that the followings are not good photos.
To avoid astonishing her, I took the following photos not using flash.

When Chris is grooming, she is so cute. Many cat lovers say they love to see the behavior.
She is now eagerly cleaning the fur.
She ignores me when she is doing for this, even if I call her name.

Chris, I understand you're doing the important treatment for ladies.

Next she licks the abdomen, the side, and all her body.
See how her body is pliant.
She licks her fur so eagerly that I sometimes hear the noise of her tongue.

"I've finished my treatment."
"Do you think I've become more attractive?"

After she finished grooming herself, she takes a nap.
She might be very tired after this work.

(March 16 2001)