Cat's Room [Chris and I (8)]

Chris wants to use the Internet.


Chris stretched out her hands on the key-board.
What was she going to do?
She was seriously gazing at the computer display.

ChrisChris looked boring and lay on the floor.
When she wants me doing something, she comes to me and mews.
I ask her "What do you want me to do?". Then she leads me to somewhere.
Mostly she does in this way when she wants more food or she wants me cleaning her lavatory.

ChrisWhen she leads me to the sofa, she wants me lying on it. Soon she comes close to me, leans against me and purrs.
At this time she guided me to my computer.
At first she was looking at the key-board.
I sit on the chair and had her on my lap. Then she stretched out her hands on the key-board. She looked as if she was thinking something seriously.
Chris, are you going to write your page by yourself?

(November 11 2000)

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