Chris on my kee Cat's Room
BY Noriko's Cam

Chris and I (6)

Fourteen years have passed since Chris became our family. The vet says she is so old regarding the cat's longevity but she is physically so young and healthy. But last autumn I had to take her to see the vet.

クリスのお耳Do you see her right ear is a little smaller than the left one?
One day in last November I found one of her ears was swollen.
The vet said that the swell was a blood blister that was made with her nail when she scratched her ear.

ChrisI took her to remove the blood every week and I gave her the medicine to prevent from festering every day.
Every time she had treatment, she became unruly and scratched the hands of the vet and nurse.

She had been sleeping for longer time than usual those days and I worried about her condition.
Soon I found that she was tired because she had acted violently in the consultation room.

In five weeks' treatment the swell disappeared. One of the ears has changed but it can be moved as usual. She is fine now.

Chris is so afraid of the noise of cars because she has grown only in home.
I sometimes take her out to the porch because she loves the fragrance of flowers.
She started sniffing at a potted plant. This is a kind of herb we use for Japanese cooking. My dictionary says it's a beefsteak plant on English. Do you know this plant? It's my favorites.


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