Chris and I (3) Favorite food of Chris

cat I'm Chris. Welcome!


Chris likes fresh milk, dried fish and ice-cream. Dried fish is what we use mainly to add flavor to Japanese cooking. They are pretty hard for Chris to eat and I buy smaller ones for her and remove the head when I give them to her. She likes milk very much but too much milk seems not good for her stomach condition.
She likes ice cream that's also my favorites. When I'm eating ice-cream she climbs upon my knees and eat together.

catWhen she was a kitten she ate only caned cat food but after grew up she became to prefer dry foods. Now she eat only one limited brand. When it's sold out at the store, we have to find the store that has stock of the same product. I'm trying to give her different, various kinds of food because I worry her taste and nutrition be biased.
She eats cheese but she prefers not cheese for cats but for us. I hear our food contain too much salt for cats. So I give her just a little.

catChris is so fine in the behavior of eating. I'm proud of her manner of eating! She is a real lady in her behavior.
Even if one of her favorites is on the table or anywhere she can reach, she never touch them.
It looks that she thinks only the food in her dish is her food.

catAt the new year's day we have Japanese traditional foods. Some of them are made of fish meat, finely formed and colored.
I tried to give her some to cerebrate the new year together. But she doesn't like them and prefers usual food.
When we have a fancy cake on special day we share her a small piece of sponge cake with fresh cream on. She eats it.
How happy it is that we can enjoy the same dish and cerebrate together !

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