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Photo collection of my cat Chris

Chris and I (2)

I am often asked why I named my cat Chris.
This name came from my favorite tennis player. I love tennis and I was the fan of Chris Evert. So I wanted to name her Chris.

According to the certification of her pedigree, Chris has wonderful family and relatives.
Her father, grand father, grand mother....several of great or grand parents were the winners of cat championship. When I found it, I was surprised, proud of and very glad but I haven't taken her to any kind of competitions.

I really love her and she makes my family joyful and amuses us by her cute action. She is really playful, energetic and sometimes silly.

She is a Persian , chinchilla silver cat.
Silver means the color of hair. It is not actually silver color but pure white mixed with gray or black hair. Her hair color is so interesting. All the hairs are white and when they grow longer, their points turn black. And the hair of the reverse of her paw are all black. One of my uncle asked me why Chris was always dirty at the end of hair and feet. He was joking, of course, but his words correctly expressed how her hair color looked.

Cat's Room