Cat's Room
The photos of my cat Chris iRj

When Chris came to my house she was so tiny as she could sleep on my palm.
She looked like a moving stuffed toy.
As she grew up, she started walking around the house and doing funny acts like a naughty kid.
Sometimes we couldn't find her and we had to search the house.
Where do you think she was?
She was hiding or sleeping in the sleeve or the pocket of my jacket , in the narrow space among the furnitures.
Now she is a grown-up lady and is very interested in anything my families do.
In the following photos you'll see a pianist Chris.

Hum, I'm full and sleepy.
Such a comfortable time...nice dream..

Who's disturbing me?
I was having a nice dream.
Do you wanna me
play with you?
Then I'll play the piano for you.
Tell me your favorite tune.
Any request?

It's tough
to play Chopin, you know.
How did you like my playing?
Oh, I'm happy
you loved it.
I'm tired because
I haven't played for long.
I'll have to study harder
so that I have
my concert some day.

You're leaving?
I'll miss you.
I'll always be waiting for you here.
Bye for now and see you again.

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