Holiday in Canada (1)


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Flowers in The Butchart Gardens 
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Banff and Canadian Rockies 

I arrived at Vancouver nine hours and a half after I left Narita airport.
I was so tired with the long flight.
But the weather was too fine to be staying in the hotel room.


I went to the Vancouver main street.
The street was crowded by travelers.

clockMy guide book says that this is the place where the prosperity of Vancouver began.
When I went to the Gas Town, I saw an interesting clock.
This is the clock that runs by vapor.

clockWhen I was strolling here and there, I became aware that the travelers gathered around the steam clock bringing their cameras. They were preparing to take photo.
Then suddenly the clock started generating a lot of steam and made sound like chime. It was so interesting scenery.

I had a hamburger and mushroom at a small restaurant because I had heard that mushroom in Canada is so delicious.
Mushrooms were fried and flavored with a little salt. They were so delicious.

I went to Victoria the next day.