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Banff and Canadian Rockies


It was my second visit to go to Banff. The weather was so comfortable and fine.
I went to a horse riding tour in Banff. It was my first and interesting experience to ride on a horse.


I was surprised to find that it was so high sitting on the horse. I was scared in the beginning. The horse might have been also afraid to have such a beginner rider.
While I was riding on it in the way that the instructor told me, I found it was so comfortable to ride on the horse watching the beautiful scenery.

On the way from Banff to Jasper, I saw great panorama of Canadian Rockies.

These are the photos of Lake louise and Payto Lake
I wish my photo could show you how the color of the water was beautiful .
I heard that the "Rock FLOUR" causes these wonderful colors.

Lake LouisePayto Lake

Columbia icefieldThis is the Columbia icefield and the glacier from the Colombia icefield. It's amazing that I can walk on the glacier that was made long ago.

The Butchart Gardens 
Flowers in The Butchrt Gardens 
Rocky Mountaineer Railway Travel 
Banff and Canadian Rockies